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The Hamptons

Yachting guests love the beachside and watersports lifestyle in The Hamptons. Local surfing veterans are on hand to inspire newbies and of course, paddleboarding is also quite popular, with kiteboarding gaining speed as well...or perhaps some surfcasting for striped bass on Montauk? If you love the water, you can easily find a water sport and adventure that suits your passions in The Hamptons.

While zipping around on a surfboard is fun, yachting is the true watersport in The Hamptons with excursions to Sunset Harbor, Navy Beach or Duryea’s for socializing, fine spirits and dining - among many other local areas as well.

For travelers, yachting means experiencing the true joy that comes in the convenience of pulling up in your yacht, docking, and immediately having access to countless activities and yachting lifestyle experiences.

It is worth noting that since this is such a popular yachting destination, it’s a good idea to book ahead of time, ensuring the yacht of your choice, on the day of your choice as the limited Summer weekends tend to sell out quickly!
Whether you book for a day or multiple days, you can expect a fun-filled trip in The Hamptons. Bon vivant!!

Charter Boat for The Hamptons, NY

The Hamptons are a mere 90 minutes from New York City, but the uber-popular enclave feels like it's in another universe with its vineyards, farms and sleepy rural simplicity combined with bustling lifestyle resort vibe and experiences. By contrast, the dunes, beautiful beaches, and windmills may make you feel like you’ve stepped into a painting instead of a vacation destination.

The Hamptons have been known to ignite artistic passion. In fact, Jackson Pollock used to come to The Hamptons to paint. You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy this posh vacation destination, though. There are enough cool antique shops, museums, great restaurants and beaches to keep everyone occupied during your yachting excursion.

The Hamptons are also famous for its ocean-to-table dining. Local fishermen provide seafood to various restaurants in the timeless port town of Sag Harbor ensuring that diners get the freshest seafood in New York. Long Island wines such as Wolffer Estate are available for the seafood pairing, turning meals into events that endure.

  • Dinner by the Sea
  • Wooden fence running along dunes
  • Young People Drive Yacht and having fun.
  • Sunrise on the Peconic River
  • Montauk Beach Sunset