Yacht Charter, By the Day

When the schedule is too full to warrant a week escape on board a yacht, a solution can be found in the form of; an accessible way to live life on the water. We speak to founder Dhardra Blake at the Yachts Miami Beach exhibition to find out more about the history and the service of yachting your way.

“When I came to start this company, there were a lot of naysayers saying day charters were crazy and it would ruin the boat,” explains Dhardra Blake, Founder of “But, I work with corporate clients, families and high-net-worths who can’t afford the time to charter a yacht for seven days or more.

It comes down to time and affordability, everybody is busy. If people get the opportunity to take the family out on the boat for a half day, a day or even a few days it feeds a market that didn’t necessarily exist before.”

The method of chartering a yacht for a day opened up an entirely new market of last minute, family and friend orientated escapes which are time, economically friendly and completely customisable.

“Everything is really customised,” continues Blake, “you can customise the time, you can customise the location, you can customise the food and beverages, guests can hire a chef for the day or they can cruise to a restaurant.”

The story of how came to be surrounds the demand for more accessible charter across South Florida, which led to a natural expansion across the Eastern Seaboard of America.

“I mainly started out here in South Florida because there is a demand, mainly Miami but partly Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach, the Keys and The Bahamas. About four years ago I expanded my business north to Newport, Rhode Island, basing there and servicing the new england market in the summer.”

With an inventory of Westport, Sunseeker, Azimut and Lazzara yachts available for charter for seven days or less, offers a glimpse into the charter lifestyle for those looking to sample the owner lifestyle and cruise the U.S. and The Bahamas in style.